Friday, 19 December 2014

Why North Korea isn't funny

Satire, the perfect antidote to the pious self-righteousness that all authoritarian ideologies rely upon to perpetuate themselves, is undoubtedly a crucial weapon of political dissident. Chaplin's caricature of Hitler, which he timelessly used as a platform to promote a humanistic and universalist worldview in The Great Dictator, is a prime example of this fact. This is the precise reason why North Korea, or at least its ideological adherents, have reacted ballistically to the relatively mediocre Hollywood production The Interview, as the North Korean regime is domestically reliant to extreme proportions upon a self-reverence that is self-evidently absurd under the gaze and deconstruction of its justifiable mockery. However, we should be mindful that, unlike North Koreans, we have the privilege to observe the North Korean state and the ideology it propagates as a bemusing spectacle from afar.

We refer to tragedies that turn into farce, but in the case of North Korea we seem to only focus on the farce of the spectacle of its cult of personality and propaganda narrative without any reflection on the material reality that is the tragedy. Staggeringly, the Hollywood-centric story about the hacking of Sony and the withdrawal of The Interview has received significantly more media coverage than the United Nations report which implicated the North Korean government and military in crimes against humanity including the mass murder, rape, torture, and enslavement of its own citizens, including within a network of concentration camps primarily populated by political dissidents, which by any estimation are the closest in the modern world to those that existed in Nazi Europe. Despite the useful idiocy of North Korea's so-called leftist apologists in the West, the humanistic and egalitarian ideals of Marxism and socialism have been long eradicated from all state-sanctioned literature and political discourse. Society is instead indoctrinated into the Juche ideology which, as described in B.R. Myers's The Cleanest Race, promotes the values of jingoism, militarism and racial supremacy, within a society that represses all political dissident against a hierarchical and regimented social order, that is headed by a cult of personality which propagates the literal divinity of the Kim dynasty. The Kims, who like most dictators are satisfied by a self-entitled lifestyle of gluttony and luxury, occupy an elite class that presides over a majority living standard which is defined by poverty and malnutrition. Although there are insurgent political movements in Europe which adhere to fascism and neo-Nazism in explicit terms, in practical terms North Korea and the racist, militarist, and fundamentalist ideology it upholds is most powerful fascist regime in the world today.

The grotesquely absurd spectacle of the North Korean regime we satirize is simply a reflection of its inherent nature.  The Interview debacle should ground us to reality into focusing on the criminality and misery the regime actually imposes on its people.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Ruthin School abuse cover-up and Freemasonry in North Wales Police

In August this year, I placed an advertisement in Private Eye asking for cases of abuse covered up by public institutions such as local authorities and school, motivated by my personal experience of these corrupt activities. One of the people who replied described to an institutional abuse case at Ruthin School, an established public school in North Wales.

They described the sexual abuse of multiple boys by one of the teachers of the school, a paedophile who took boys of the dormitory at night and into the spare room to sexually abuse them, often plying them with drink and drugs to facilitate this. He was not the only paedophile abusing boys at the school.

A thirteen year old boy at the school committed suicide, but the school's management were unmoved to take any action. It took the boy's parents to make relevant inquires, which is how the extent of the sexual abuse at the school was discovered. They reported the matter to North Wales Police, who proceeded to raid the paedophile teacher's home; they discovered child pornography on his computer and he was charged for the child sex offences.

Shortly before his trial began, the paedophile teacher joined the Freemasons, and to the bewilderment of the police his trial was thrown out of court before it began by the presiding judge. Freemasons apparently saturate the establishment in North Wales, including the police and legal system; among them are paedophiles involved in the institutional sexual abuse of children. A retired senior police officer and Freemason was arrested in January by Operation Pallial, the National Crime Agency and North Wales Police investigation into abuse at North Wales schools and children's homes.

I sent a summary of the emails about the Ruthin School abuse to Operation Paillal, suspecting that obvious perversion of justice motivated by conflict of interest had taken place in regards to the paedophile teacher. I only received a one line response which stated that it was not in Operation's remit to investigate, which I find odd given that such corruption could have compromised adequate investigation into this child sex abuse in potentially multiple other cases and historically facilitated further abuse in the process. It would be irrational to uniformly equate Freemasonry with paedophilia, but secret societies in their inherent nature, as observed in numerous other countries and throughout history, can easily be manipulated as a front to perpetrate criminality. Hopefully making this information public will incite the authorities to respond otherwise.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Mundane American atrocities

Nobody should be logically fazed by the new revelations of torture ordered and committed by the American government and Central Intelligence Agency, even though they are morally repulsive. This lack of surprise should guided by 1) the historical conduct of the CIA and 2) the attitude and track record of the U.S. government officials involved in perpetrating the torture. As previously stated, it was Deputy Assistant U.S. Attorney General John Yoo who, directly on behalf of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, concocted the legal excuses for the CIA detainees and (at very least alleged) enemy combatants held in the blacksite dungeons where the torture took place to not have the human rights of the Geneva Conventions applied to them during the War on Terror. (Willfully violating the Geneva Conventions is inherently and obviously a war crime). It was Yoo who stated that threatening to crush the testicles of a detainee's child would be a justifiable form of psychological torture for the president to authorize.

The torture employed by the CIA, directly facilitated through the sanction of the war criminal Bush administration, included forcing medical instruments into the anuses of detainees in order to pump foodstuffs into their rectums as a form of "hydration" (an antiquated method of forced feeding which can cause anal fissures and prolapses and apparently did on one occasion), and leaving detainees chained in freezing cold temperatures, which led to the death of at least one detainee, Gul Rahman (whose hashtagged name deserves to trend on social media as much as the black victims of domestic American police brutality). Furthermore, children were actually raped in front of their parents. The definition of torture is the calculated infliction of physical and psychological suffering as punishment or as a (clearly erroneous and fruitless) form of intelligence gathering. It cannot be said that these atrocities were limited to torture if systematic rape, child abuse and murder took place as well. It is self-evidently in kind with the child testicle-crushing school of ethics. How can America, along with nations such as Britain and Poland who aided and abetted these crimes, take the moral high ground above the likes of al-Qaeda and ISIL if it makes excuses and rejects the prosecution of those responsible for this?

The brazen arrogance publicly displayed by the war criminals behind this barbarism, such as John Brennan and Dick Cheney, indicates a self-assured understanding that they will never be brought to justice. Like all professional criminals, they exhibit a shameless contempt for basic justice and civility. Other war criminals, such as Henry Kissinger (never prosecuted for, in criminal partnership with the CIA, supplanting democratically elected governments in Latin America with far-right military juntas or authorizing the use of chemical weapons against civilians in Vietnam), are well-acquainted with this corruptly untouchable impunity. The cowardly administration of Barack Obama (whom Malcolm X would undoubtedly identify as a "House Negro" for his white masters) has reasserted that Bush administration and CIA officials will face no criminal prosecution for their war crimes, reinforcing America's complete moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy.

It is thus the duty of human rights organizations and campaigners in general to lobby for these war criminals to face justice by other means. The International Criminal Court should be appealed to assert its universal jurisdiction and issue arrest warrants. If the U.S. government and law enforcement agencies refuse to comply with the warrants, this would at least exhibit America's status as a nation in contempt of human rights and international criminal law (as always shown by its servility to war criminal Israel). Even if the war criminals are never practically brought to justice, they should at least live in the knowlege of being known as such until their destructive and wretched existences end, and in the posterity of history.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

On the UK's absurd sexual ethics

Keith Bristow, the head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre that is part of the UK's National Crime Agency, recently stated that his organisation did not have adequate resources from the government to bring over fifty thousand paedophiles to justice for downloading images of the sexual abuse of children. Among them was Myles Bradbury, the doctor who has been convicted for abusing dozens of boys in his care. One would assume that protecting children from abuse and exploitation would be one of the utmost priorities of a supposedly civilised society, but evidently not.

In contrast to this apathy, a group of lawyers acting on behalf of the UK government have decided behind closed doors to criminalise the pornographic portrayal of legal sexual acts between consenting adults. And this is supported by a government which claims to defend civil liberties. Adhering to Victorian levels of backwards prudishness, this includes portrayals of BDSM, watersports (urination), spanking, facesitting, and female ejaculation.

Of course, the concept of stuffy judges pontificating on the merits of allowing the portrayal of fetishised spanking and urination may be amusing and titillating to some due to its inherent ridiculousness, but it sets dangerous and destructive precedents in the puritanical and authoritarian values it represents. 

It reminds one of Orwell's Nineteen-Eighty Four, in which Agent O'Brien, the torturer of dissident Winston Smith, informs Winston of the ruling Party's agenda to abolish human sexuality and the orgasm following his illegal affair with Julia, a member of the regime-supported Anti-Sex League. There is a reason why the fundamentalists and fascists of the past and present are so neurotically fixated on human sexuality, represented by its perception of "deviancy", a literal example of the Orwellian thoughtcrime, and resulting in anti-sexual barbarism such as corrective rape and female genital mutilation. The bodily repression of sexuality encapsulates and facilitates tyranny over our minds and identities by authoritarian ideologues and their stone age mentalities.

A particularly repulsive detail of these laws are their bizarre fixation on female ejaculation, which is seemingly included because it could be constructed as or resemble urine fetishism, which is in itself a completely harmless sexual act involving consenting adults in the first place. This naive teenage boy-like presumption of female ejaculate being urine also contradicts established medical science on the subject. The same standard does not apply to male ejaculation, so presumably indicates a belief that part of female sexuality is inherently unacceptable and obscene. Will girls be indoctrinated in school in the style of the homophobic Section 47 that their bodies and sexuality are innately shameful, abnormal and disgusting because they could ejaculate on orgasm? That is the psychologically harmful anti-women logic of this criminalisation.

Another point, presumably identified by others, is that these laws are formulated on the basis of a one-dimensional gender binary that essentially ignores the existence of transgender and intersex people, further emphasising how inapplicable and far removed they are from encompassing 21st century values and legal standards.

These dinosaur laws should therefore be opposed by anyone concerned with the erosion of civil liberties and bigoted assaults on sexuality and womanhood. Perhaps the establishment should devote its draconian attention to those involved in the sexual abuse of children instead, including those in its midst.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The East Riding of Yorkshire Cover-up?

Pam Allen, the head of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's children and young people's support and safeguarding children services since 2009, was the director of child safeguarding at Rotherham Council. She faces a probe by South Yorkshire Police regarding her role in the organised cover-up of the failure to prevent mass child sexual exploitation in the town; as are two of her former Rotherham colleagues who are also now employed by the ERYC.

Although the ERYC claimed that it would "review" Ms Allen's position, it is evident that they retain confidence in her as she remains on their safeguarding children board, whose November 2014 newsletter ( notes her participation in a seminar on the history of social work:

"Pam Allen provided a whistle stop history of Social Work practice. It was a helpful reflection on how the profession has developed from the first Social Workers called hospital almoners right through to the recent publication of the Jay Report."

It is the same Jay Report in which Ms Allen is implicated in being involved in Rotherham Council's systematic cover-up of the mass rape, trafficking, sexual enslavement, and torture of hundreds of young people by paedophile grooming gangs; including children under the care of the institutions that she presided over. At least one was murdered. Perhaps the "whistle stop" referred to could be interpreted as techniques relayed to ERYC staff by Ms Allen with which to repressively bully and intimidate whistleblowers, as occurred in Rotherham Council?

Her department failed to act, despite multiple governmental and police reports detailing the extent of the abuse; the council staff who tried to speak out have reported being harassed and ignored by their superiors, and one researcher had her office broken into and her research papers detailing the council's failures stolen and presumably destroyed in an effort to pervert the course of justice.

How can the public possibly have any trust in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to safeguard children when those employed to do so by the ERYC display such brazen shamelessness and hypocrisy, even when they are under investigation for negligence and corruption of[potentially criminal proportions? It certainly incites concern for the welfare of children in East Yorkshire if these are the standards of ethics and accountability the ERYC is comfortable with.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tear down this wall

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's falling, a group of Palestinians  activists punctured a symbolic hole in one of the separation barriers that segregates their country's borders from that of Israel's. The Israeli-Palestinian division is relatively similar to the divided Germany, but international recognition of the Palestinian state is limited in comparison to that granted to East Germany. The consensus of the "international community" (usually a euphemism for the United States government that obstructs any attempt to hold the Israeli government accountable for its violations of international law) advocates a two-state "solution" that would only slightly modify the borders defined by Israel militarism and annexation of Palestinian territory, while doing nothing to address the human rights violations the Palestinians are subjected to, which is in many ways identical to South African apartheid both practically and geopolitically. A bill proposed by Israeli MPs in the Knesset proposes an Israeli state officially defined as a "Jewish" one, that would abolish the cultural, linguistic and religious recognition of Arabs in the country. This one-dimensional racism is presumably motivated by a mentality in which "Arab" is interchangeable with "Muslim", when the country is in actuality also populated by minorities such as Christians and Druze from Jewish, Arab and other ethnic backgrounds. The moral mediocrity of the two-state solution will do nothing to counteract the militarism and racism of the Zionist far-right, which chants "Death to Arabs!" in the streets and is supported by an intelligentsia including MPs, rabbis and journalists who are openly enthused by the prospect of a Palestinian genocide.

In a geographical and logistic sense, the segregation between the Israeli and Palestinian states is equatable to the quasi-enclaves in apartheid South Africa that were the designated territories of the abused and suppressed blacks.

The real solution would be the one-state solution: constitutionally ratifying a unified, secular Israeli-Palestinian state in which basic human rights, including religious freedom, are enshrined into law rather than repressed by it.